Programs that Protect: Preventative Services for Risk Management

We provide the following services to protect employers from expensive litigation, and protect their valuable trade secrets and customers from being taken.

  • Review and update employee handbooks to be compliant with current law.
  • Inspect employer compliance with wage & hour laws, and ensure proper classification of employees to avoid expensive overtime lawsuits under the Fair Labor Standards Act and audits by the Dept of Labor.
  • Draft and negotiate employment contracts and Non-Compete Agreements.
  • Draft Agreements for the Protection of Trade Secrets (which can sometimes include customer lists) and Confidential Information.
  • Draft Severance Agreements and Release of Claims to reduce the risk of litigation by departing employees.
  • Train companies and their staff on various aspects of employment law to mitigate the risk of future litigation. Topics include:
    • Sexual Harassment and Discrimination: including Equal Pay Act, Pregnancy Discrimination, gender role discrimination, failure to promote, unwanted sexual advances, comments and innuendo (hostile environment).
    • Age Discrimination
    • Race Discrimination
    • Disability Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodation Requests
    • Religious Discrimination
    • Preventing Retaliation against victims of harassment or discrimination
    • Proper interviewing, hiring and firing practices (to avoid pitfalls that could lead to claims of discrimination and wrongful termination).
    • Management of Disability, Illness and Injury issues under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
    • Drug and alcohol testing policies.
    • Employee privacy rights.
    • Creating a Respectful Workplace (to reduce expensive employee turnover and improve employee morale and productivity).
    • I-9 and E-Verify Compliance

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