Enforcing Non-Compete Agreements

Should a former employee accept employment in violation of a Non-Compete Agreement the firm will act swiftly to enforce the employer’s rights under that Agreement.  In the proper circumstances the firm will utilize methods and strategies short of litigation to obtain the employee’s compliance with their agreement to not compete.  However, should that not be successful the firm will act swiftly to obtain restraining orders and injunctions against the employee to force compliance.

Protecting Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

Companies spend great amounts of time, money and effort to develop their trade secrets (which could include customer lists and contact information) and other confidential information and, to prevent this information from being disclosed outside the company.  Should a former employee steal or misappropriate this information it could threaten the company’s very survival.  The firm has represented many companies whose former employees have stolen or misappropriated the company’s trade secrets or confidential information.  When this occurs the firm takes swift and resolute action in court to obtain restraining orders and injunctions to force the employee to either return the company’s property, or in some instances when the property is intangible, to immediately cease utilizing it for their benefit.

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