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For Businesses

The legal issues associated with employment situations are complex and the number of claims brought against employers is on a steady increase. In fact, the Department of Labor is stepping up its efforts to audit employers to ensure they are properly classifying their employees… More >

For Employees

When an employee suffers harassment or discrimination in the workplace, is forced to work in a hostile environment, isn’t paid their lawfully due wages, is denied an accommodation for a disability, or is otherwise treated unlawfully, it can be a very frightening time. More >

Mediation & Conflict Resolution Services

Mediation is a process by which parties resolve their disputes with the help of a neutral third party, the Mediator, who helps parties reach a mutually agreed upon settlement of the legal issues between them. The mediator helps facilitate discussions leading to… More >


Our mission is to provide high quality and innovative employment law services to our clients who entrust their matters to us; because that trust is taken very seriously. The firm is first and foremost a service provider for our clients. Each client receives diligent, responsive and creative representation designed to achieve the most successful outcome for their needs and goals. Our clients are provided the same quality of services, if not better, than those offered at the large downtown firms – but in a cost effective way.

And as a mediator, Cynthia Wellbrock is committed to providing creative and strong conflict resolution services to assist parties in reaching a swift and acceptable resolution of their disputes in order to spare the enormous financial and emotional toll of conflict and litigation.

If you are seeking an experienced employment law attorney, or mediator for any dispute, please call 303-785-7783 or contact us by the link provided.

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