Advancing Employee Rights In the Workplace

When an employee suffers harassment or discrimination in the workplace, is forced to work in a hostile environment, isn’t paid their lawfully due wages, is denied an accommodation for a disability, or is otherwise treated unlawfully, it can be a very frightening time.   Fear of losing their job and suffering financial hardship may keep them from complaining to management and risking retaliation – including termination.  And often, their fears come true; they are wrongfully terminated and unsure of the wide range of state and federal employment laws in place to protect their rights in the workplace how to assert those rights.

In these times, employees need an experienced employment law attorney. One who has experience and success advocating for individuals who have been the victim of sexual harassment and discrimination, forced to work in a hostile environment, not paid their proper wages, denied a reasonable accommodation for their disability or were wrongfully terminated.   Cynthia Wellbrock is such an attorney.   In addition, Cynthia Wellbrock is sensitive to the emotional toll this type of treatment can have on an individual and endeavors to not just be an advocate for an employee’s rights, but a support as well, empowering her clients to stay strong and move forward.

The Law Office of Cynthia E. Wellbrock, LLC has successfully represent hundreds of employees whose employment law rights have been violated.  We explain the laws and legal issues that apply to your case and the options available to resolve them.   We do so with a compassionate but direct approach and strive to reduce any sense of “overwhelm” you may be feeling.  We endeavor to solve problems, rather than inflame situations.   We realize that a long, drawn out legal battle may not be in your best interests and often use negotiation and mediation as tools to resolve conflict.  However, should it be necessary to file a lawsuit the firm aggressively advocates for your rights.  And if appropriate, we may offer flexible billing options that can make legal services affordable in difficult times.

If you think you are being treated unlawfully, or you lost your job because of a wrongful termination, contact an attorney immediately.   There are statutes of limitations for many claims and your rights may disappear if you wait too long.

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